Magical Princess Harriet

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Magical Princess Harriet is a Young Adult Fantasy novel about a transgender Jewish girl fighting the forces of darkness. I began working on this project back in rabbinical school in response to the feeling I had that there is a general lack of Jewish fantasy fiction out there in the world.

In Magical Princess Harriet, Harriet (originally Harris) Baumgartner is an apparently ordinary Jewish middle schooler secretly struggling with the persistent feeling that she was never meant to be a boy. When she stops to investigate a flicker of movement in the supposedly abandoned construction site at the end of her street, she encounters an Angel named Nuriel who tells her that she has been granted the titled of “Princess” and is now responsible for dealing with the renegade angels that have taken up residence in her school. Together with her friends Francis and Aiden, Harriet will need every ounce of courage, compassion and intelligence she can muster if she is to outwit the devious Nephilim and come to terms with her conflicted feelings about her own gender.

Magical Princess Harriet is being published through Dag Gadol and when it comes out early in 2018 will be available both in paperback and eBook editions from a variety of locations. If you’re interested in learning more about the book, check out some of the posts I’ve made about it on this site. If you’re interested in supporting the project, consider visiting the Kickstarter page and becoming a backer!

Update: The Kickstarter campaign for Magical Princess Harriet is officially over, and it was a big success! Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make it to the first stretch goal. The campaign ended with only $179 to go to unlock the hardcover book. All is not lost, however – if you preorder the book before it comes out in February/March, not only will your name be included on the Thank You page as if you had backed the Kickstarter, but the dollar amount of your preorder will count toward unlocking the stretch goals. Just to recap, these goals are A.) releasing a hardcover edition of the book for libraries, collectors and folks that like their books to have a little more heft ($3,600) and B.) an audio book read by yours truly ($5000). If you want an example of what the audio book might sound like, check out the recording of me reading the first chapter on the Kickstarter page.