Conversion To Judaism

Being a convert to Judaism myself, I am always excited to help others along the way on their journeys to becoming Jewish!

For those interested in conversion to Judaism, I do that work through Darshan Yeshiva, an innovative online conversion program run by the people behind PunkTorah. The program involves a combination of self-study via lessons and videos available online through the Yeshiva website and one-on-one work with a rabbinic mentor (like me, for example!). Learning can be done from anywhere, but at the end of the process students must be able to travel to where the rabbi lives (in my case, Philadelphia, PA) for the conversion ceremony and ritual immersion in the mikvah. I will say that the local mikvah I use for such purposes is very flexible when it comes to gender diversity and the issues that sometimes raises.

The Darshan Yeshiva’s conversion program is reasonably priced for what you get, and they offer a sliding scale based on income. If you are considering converting to Judaism and either A.) don’t have access to a suitable synagogue nearby or B.) are specifically interested in working with me, I highly recommend giving the program a look!