Things we learned along the way

This is what we have learned from our wandering
That what you bring with you will never be used for what you think it will
That moments of terrible revelation always forecast themselves like a smoking mountain upon the horizon…
…except when they don’t
That rebellion and dissent are the ordinary way of things in the wilderness
That the journey and the destination have no knowable relationship to one another
That you may have no way of understanding the laws you learn along the way until you have arrived
That the teacher will be punished most harshly of all, and that the students must somehow learn to live with that fact
That some of the people you meet along the way are not people
That some of them are
That a miracle that repeats itself with unfailing regularity is no less a miracle, selah
That life does not ever stop happening
…until it does.

What if the Shema were written by Doctor Seuss?

And you shall love the Lord your God
With all the heart inside you
With every breath that you may breathe
And all you have beside you.
Take these words I teach you now
And keep them close to heart
Teach them intently to your kids
That they may grow up smart
Talk about them with your friends
When you sit at home
And speak them proudly on the road
Wherever you may roam
Lie down with them, so that you may
Wake with them on your lips
Bind them fast upon your hand
And ‘tween your eyes affix
These words that they may be a sign
To you for evermore–
Inscribe these words upon your gates
And write them on your doors!


Did you already know who I was
When you called on me
Late that night?
Of my knowing there
Could be no question,
But did you?
And if so, what blindness
Could have reached out to touch
That quivering mass of feathers, too delicate
And twitching muscle, nerves, poised
To leap,
Unable now to answer, save
For the bare fact
Of its becoming?